Monday 15 March 2010

Busy rainy day

A month ago it was Dominic's naming ceremony. The weather was anything but sunny but it kept from raining too much while we were all gathered in a park on a pretty Sydney hill.

Afterwards we drove through the Sydney Harbour Bridge (I get excited every single time!!) to get to Paddington markets and see some wonderful boutiques on Oxford St, where we found lots of little treasures.

Great window display in a shop called Diamond Dogs (?) on Oxford St. and which I cannot seem to find online...

In the afternoon we went to Tamarama Beach, where we walked along the beautiful rocks and watched bodysurfers and surfers catch waves.

And in the evening we went to Bronwyn's birthday party. Wonderful night with lots of Mart's friends. And source of the song of the day.



  1. wow, that sydney harbour bridge really looks impressive! cool shot! i really like the ocean/beach photos as well...not to mention the adorable kid photo : ) such a cutie

  2. I just noticed that the link to the song doesn't work anymore... It was supposed to be for 'You can call me Al' from Paul Simon.


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