Monday 22 March 2010


Shaun Tan explains that his books are "best described as ‘picture books for older readers’ rather than young children, as they deal with relatively complex visual styles and themes, including colonial imperialism, social apathy, the nature of memory and depression."

This book, which we bought online after deciding we couldn't fit it in our suitcases from Australia, follows a dad who emigrates to another world, his adaptation to his new life, and the stories of the ones he meets. The book doesn't have any words yet you can "read" all the characters' emotions and follow the story in minute details. I devoured it with a cup of tea on the weekend, and loved it!
It's a strange but amazing feeling to go through a whole story without reading any words, just getting carried along by the pictures...
I love the fact that people speaking any languages can "read" this story.

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