Tuesday 9 March 2010

Interior design

Because it was still raining in Sydney, we set off to the Art Gallery of New South Whales. It's a great museum, and there's always something exciting on. When we got there we were a bit surprised to see that the two statues at the front of the museum were covered with rather ugly scaffolding... but once we got closer, we saw that it was actually an installation by Tatzu Nishi. Get excited, his installations are fun!

We were so delighted to have seen this, and tried to explain it to several people, but it turns out it's a bit complicated.
So let's try with photos.

Here is what part of the front of the museum usually looks like:
Photo from flickr

But we saw this: (except that it was rainy)
Photo from flickr

Once we climbed the stairs and got inside the blue box, we marveled at this:

And inside the box on the other side of the museum's entrance was this:

The artist actually built full rooms around the statues, and included them in the interior design...!
I think it would have been absolutely great to be one of the security people on duty in these rooms and watch the visitors. Every single person who I saw coming in (and us included) smiled, laughed aloud or just stood there with their mouth open in awe...

If you want to see how the whole thing was built, the Art Gallery of New South Whales has made a great slide show on flickr here.

And for more crazy installation from Tatzu Nishi, visit his website here (go to projects and click on 'next' to see the locations before and after his interventions).

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