Sunday 14 March 2010

The Gap and Chinatown

The Gap is the entrance to Sydney harbour. It's really a beautiful place, with amazing views in all directions. We went there with Al, before going for a well deserved swim in Nielsen Park, one of the few 'netted' beaches of the city. The whole beach is protected from any unwanted visitors (i.e. sharks) by a big net that runs all around. It was so good to get in the water as it was one of the warmest days since we had arrived in Sydney and the climb to the top of the Gap had us sweating more than it should have had!

In the evening we met Mike and Sandy with whom we had delicious Vietnamese food in Chinatown and then went for a crazy photo session in some very advanced Japanese photo booth - heaps of fun!

As you can see in the video above (which I took with my phone, which explains the very poor quality), we were not yet done with rain in Sydney. This was actually the most we saw during our whole trip - pretty torrential and tropical if you ask me!
Oh, and the song of the day is this one. Alex had just bought the CD and we listened to it really loud in the car... good memories!


  1. Audie those views are breathtaking! And so are your pictures.. Hope u had fun at TEFAF! x

  2. Thanks for your comment :) What gorgeous pictures! Sydney is such a photogenic city! How long are you in Australia for?

  3. Hi melski!
    We were in Western Australia and Sydney for a month, exactly a month ago. I didn't have much internet access / didn't want to spend too much time indoors at the computer while we were there, and so I decided to post about the whole trip, day by day, once we were back here in the Netherlands... So all these beautifully sunny photos are posted from chilly Europe!


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