Friday 12 March 2010

Relaxing mountain life

Allegra (who is listening to Mad's foot's heartbeat in the first photo) would make a great nurse, just like her aunty. Unless she will become an artist, like her grand-mum?

Life in Katoomba is just so relaxing and wonderful... the swing on the covered deck definitely plays a huge part in this, but so do the amazing views just around the corner, the fantastic skies, the fresh air, and the magnificent stars at night!

In the evening we watched this 1965 movie, which is a classic in Mart's family (as in many others around the world I presume). It was the first time I saw it, and it was so great to watch it with the whole family singing along all the songs!
I really like this one (although this isn't the original song, it's a great video!).

1 comment:

  1. Cette maison dans la montagne me fait vraiment rêver!


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