Tuesday 27 July 2010

10 things about me today

1. I have been attacked by a pretty voracious mosquito the other night: I have three very itchy bites.
2. I met Mel yesterday. She was the very first person I met through blogging.
3. I don't like coffee. (But I like coffee-flavoured things.)
4. I can't wait to go to Denmark for the very first time.
5. I'm going to be sad not to be able to chat with Joanna at work anymore.
6. But I'm glad we won't be far away and we will see each other at other times.
7. I feel too lazy to do the dishes tonight. But did them anyway.
8. I want to invent a teleporting machine that takes you to see the people you love and miss.
9. I also want to invent a machine that holds heat in during the summer and then gives it back when it's too cold, in winter. And it would also be able to do the opposite: take a bit of the cold during winter and give it back when it's boiling hot.
10. I love sweets. These are the ones I'm eating now.


  1. mmm - i'll take a green one please. thank you ;)

  2. Joanna is sad too... and tries not to eat candies as a medication :)

  3. I couldn't agree more with number 8! Please invent one soon!


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