Saturday 17 July 2010

Garden update

The seeds that Claire had sent me for my birthday have been growing beautifully - in fact we are about to eat our first beans of the season tonight!
The tomatoes shouldn't take too much longer until they are ready too. We have two sorts; some cherry tomatoes, and some roma-type ones.
And Joab now has leaves! He's doing so well. I guess the temperatures we've been having lately are fairly similar to what he would have had, would he have stayed in Senegal...


  1. Hey, I'm so excited to see that they're all growing so well! How were the beans? We just planted some beans and peas of our own.. its fun to watch them grow so fast!

  2. I can't believe how much Joab has grown!

  3. The beans were lovely! We mixed them with ones we bought as it wasn't exactly enough for a whole dinner, but they were perfect!


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