Friday 2 July 2010


Can you see how excited I am about sushi?
And can you see the smiley face in photo (4)?


  1. Gosh it looks delicious..please do tell where you ate?!

  2. :-)

    It's our very favourite place to eat in Aachen: Best Friends

    The sushi (and the duck too, yum!) are wonderful, and totally affordable! You should definitely go if you get the chance.

  3. Thanks! How about Maastricht(I think you live here too?) there sushi you like here? I will def have to try BF...we're sushi lovers and haven't tried it in NL since moving here..can't wait.

  4. In Maastricht we like Thaiitchi . It's not as amazing (nor as cheap) as Best Friends in Aachen, but it's not bad at all. We especially like to go their on Wednesday evenings, when they have their sushi night.

    There is also Kaishu, but I haven't been yet. I've heard the interior design is not as nice as in Thaiichi, but the food very good. They even have an 'all you can eat'... dangerous!


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