Saturday 10 July 2010


They had forecast 31 degrees for today, so we knew it would be hot. But oh gosh: we didn't expect anything that drastic! The thermometer went all the way up to 35 for most of the day - I don't remember it ever being so hot in Maastricht!

We took our books and went to read in the shade, in the city park. It wasn't much cooler out there, but at least we escaped our apartment/furnace for a while. I took some photos with my new hipstamatic app on our way there.

P.S. For dinner, to try and cool down a little, we made a cucumber and dill iced soup. It was perfect. We adapted this recipe and put yogurt instead of sour cream, dill instead of mint (they were out at our local store), and added a little vegetable stock, lemon juice, chili powder and crushed ice). Very refreshing and deliciously tasty.

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