Thursday 15 July 2010

Colour IQ

I just gave the colour IQ test another go (I had tried months ago) and just got... a perfect score! Yeepee! Mum, I think I might have inherited your wonderful colour genes! Or is colour intelligence rooted more in your nurture than in your nature? In that case I might have had the perfect environment when growing up too...

This is the point where I'd love to place a link of what Mum does - she is the BEST at colours! - but her website is under construction... I promise I'll show you as soon as it's ready!

Ok, I'm bragging, but... look at my score!

The trick is to put the colours in order so that you don't see a difference between two that are right next to each other...

Wanna try it yourself? Do it here and let me know how you did - I promise I won't be condescending nor brag anymore about how amazing my score was.

Pffhehehe... silly me.


  1. HAHA.... Cool Test, I had to do it a second time to make sure you weren't trying to trick us, because I got 0 too the first time, it did make me go crossed eyed for a bit there though... How did Mart do?

  2. Congrats, Dave!

    Mart got 7 points... which is not bad either! :-)

  3. How fun was that? Considering I have a design degree I would hope to get a 0..good thing I did!

  4. I got 20.... :(( and I feel like my eyes are gonna pop out any minute :) emm, will try again some other time :P

  5. Oh my god, I got 54! Haha, I am blaming the fact that I did it without my glasses on.

    Hope you and Mart are well! Love from HK!


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