Monday 19 July 2010

Chutes du Rhin

Ok, one more post about our short holiday in Switzerland.

I took Mart (who is a fervent fan of fast flowing water) to see the Rhine Falls, close to Schaffhausen. It was a wonderfully sunny day, and there was LOTS of water gushing past (about 726 cubic meters per second, actually) - we had a great time!
We took several little boats across the river and to the rock that valiantly stands right in the middle of the falls... Now; we've figured, in the course of our different Swiss outdoors activities, that Mart isn't a huge fan of heights... well... it's become clear that I'm not great friends with tons of water coming in my direction while sitting in a little boat...! I could so see it tipping over and us having to swim for our life whilst trying to keep the camera out of the water... hahaha! :-)

Sorry, I know the video is of pretty poor quality... it's just so that you can appreciate the hugeness of it all!
And can you sense how scared I was to drop my iPhone...? ;-)

1 comment:

  1. it looks scary and refreshing and noisy and exciting--i'm afraid of heights and water, too. the boat ride to the island looks frightening! it all looks interesting and beautiful though


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